The Biz Besties

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Group psychotherapy practice owner, licensed marriage and family therapist, ENFP, mom of three kids and avid coffee drinker. 

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Licensed psychologist, consultant and trainer, online biz owner, ENFP, wife, cat owner and nail design enthusiast.

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How We Met

Through mutual friends and acquaintances, Amber and Maelisa both joined the same online book club. This book club then morphed into a smaller group of women who met in person for one epic week of getting shit done (GSD).

Ten women with ten laptops.

One giant house with wifi and a huge kitchen table.

No kids, no spouses, no distractions... well, maybe a few distractions... there was also a spa day and wine.

During this epic business retreat Amber and Maelisa connected over their passion (sometimes called obsession) for business and marketing. They later connected further as they were both diagnosed with ADHD within a month of one another. 

Weekly phone calls or messages turned into daily ones and they began to see the significant impact of having someone with whom they could talk business, family, time management and general struggles. And wins. And questions and new ideas, etc.

Amber and Maelisa realized that many other women are in need of this support and they wanted to help them find it.

After some encouragement from their friends and husbands, they decided to start a podcast so that other women biz owners could be inspired by their story and learn the strategies to find their own biz bestie and tribe of professional women.

My Biz Bestie is a seasonal podcast focused on sharing ways of connecting with other female entrepreneurs, making the most of networking, discussing helpful biz resources and having fun while being in business. 

And since Maelisa and Amber are both ENFP's, they genuinely want to connect with you!

Click here to drop them a line and tell them what you think about the podcast. They love feedback and want to know how the podcast can help you most. 

Want to learn how to network the biz bestie way?