It’s time to up your networking game.

You're a smart, professional woman with goals and a successful career. You know that connections and your larger support network are the key to growing even further... but you don't have a networking game plan.

Biz Besties and master networkers, Amber Hawley and Maelisa Hall, have created a workshop that is just for you!

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Networking the My Biz Bestie Way

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Get clear on where to focus your efforts

There are soooo many options when it comes to networking, but they're not all worth your time. Identify what your networking focus will be and how to adjust your efforts based on these goals. Learn how to evaluate your ROI for each networking endeavor. Feel good about which events you choose to attend and those you can confidently say "no" to. 

Use your strengths to make networking easier

Introvert or extrovert, we all have strengths and weaknesses. These usually become highlighted as we interact with others so it's important to know how this might impact your networking interactions. Identify the places and people with whom you'll fit best. Know when to push yourself and when to back off and save your energy.

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Identify conversation starters to avoid awkward pauses

One of the scariest things about networking with new groups is thinking about what to say. We've got that covered with actual scripts of conversations! Learn different ways to initiate chatting with people in a variety of settings, and feel confident that you can keep the conversation going beyond the first 60 seconds. And since every new connection won't be perfect, learn how to gracefully bow out, as well. 

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