Networking Ideas to Help You Through Those Awkward Situations #65

Are you looking for new networking ideas to help you survive those in-person networking events? Networking can feel awkward for everybody, even for extroverts like Maelisa and Amber. Luckily they have come up with some networking tips to share with you. The networking extraordinaires have put together some advice based on their own experiences networking at many events. Listen to this episode to hear how to extricate yourself from uncomfortable conversations, how to make others feel comfortable, and how to set networking goals.

Networking can be awkward even for extroverts

Amber recently moved across the country to Asheville, NC. Since she is so new in town, the only friend she has, Michael Dietrich Chastain, invited her to a networking event. Obviously, she wants to meet some people in her new town, but this event was at 7 am. Although it was way too early in the morning for her she pulled herself together and made it to the event. Even though she is an extrovert, walking into a room where you are the new person in the group can be extremely unnerving. Find out how Amber managed to make the best of a new situation on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

How to extricate yourself from an uncomfortable conversation

We’ve all been to networking events and gotten into conversations where we feel stuck. It could be with someone your just not clicking with, or a conversation you don’t want to have. Simply walking away is not an option. So how do you politely extricate yourself from an uncomfortable conversation? One way is to include someone else in the conversation so that you can comfortably leave. This doesn’t mean you grab the first person you see. Give it some thought. Who might share a connection with this person? You don’t have to make it a big deal or harder than it needs to be. Politely excuse yourself and leave. Have you ever been in an awkward networking conversation? Share your story with the besties on Instagram!

What are your networking goals?

Before attending a networking event set some goals for yourself. Pro tip: your goals should not include selling x number of whatever it is you sell. Your intentions should be making connections and creating real relationships. Connecting with others helps you find the value in others not as potential buyers but as people. Think about how you can help others. Do you set goals for yourself before networking events? Try using this networking strategy before your next networking event and share your story here.

Networking ideas you can use anywhere

  1. Be an includer. Include others in the conversation. If you see someone new at an event you frequent help them out by introducing yourself and then introducing them to others.

  2. Find out how you can help others. This helps you be of value to those you want to connect with.

  3. Don’t make a big ask right away. This is so tacky, instead, see tip 2!

  4. Be kind and friendly. This goes a long way when meeting new people.

  5. Have realistic expectations and be willing to put yourself out there

Listen to this episode to hear all the networking ideas that we share. But if you are still looking for more networking tips check out our Networking Master Class to learn detailed tips and tricks you can use to help put you at ease and rock your next networking event.

In this episode...

  • [3:12] Amber recently attended a networking event in her new city

  • [9:25] How to extricate yourself from an uncomfortable conversation

  • [15:25] Don’t make things complicated.

  • [19:10] What is your purpose?

  • [28:14] Check out our networking masterclass

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Is Complacency Affecting Your Business Growth? #64

Business growth can stagnate if you become complacent. Have you been getting complacent in your business? Have you thought about what is keeping you stuck? Amber and Maelisa have both become a bit complacent in their businesses and are ready to make some changes. They are taking advantage of big changes in their lives to make small changes in their days and in their businesses to optimize their efficiency and create the most impact. Listen to this episode to hear how Amber and Maelisa are tackling complacency and making changes in their lives and their businesses.

Do you feel stuck in your business?

Maelisa recently realized that she needs to keep a schedule to ensure when she is working on her business. Work will expand into the time allotted so set time limits can help keep the days from becoming all about work. Maelisa learned how to arrange her schedule around when she is most optimized to be creative, to do busy work, and to work out. Arranging her schedule in this way will allow her to understand how many clients she can take on and which tasks are taking too much time. This will also help her to realize when she needs to hire out certain tasks. How can you optimize the time in your day to optimize efficiency and impact? Look at what you can be doing differently to impact your business.

What is Maelisa’s new schedule like?

Maelisa took advantage of major changes in her life to reassess how she spent her time. She knew that too much of her life was devoted to work and that she had few boundaries. She has imposed a new schedule that will take advantage of her most productive times of day. 11-6 is her work time. She begins her day at 11 and devotes the next hour to small tasks to ease herself into her work day. After lunch, she then sets about to dive into her creative work. Although she has only been at her new schedule for a few days she feels like the schedule is optimizing her time. Do you optimize your schedule to make the most of your time?

Amber is beginning to make major changes in her life

Amber also recently underwent major changes in her life. She feels completely drained after a cross country move and will take advantage of this change to focus more on herself. She realized that she wasn’t putting herself first and thinks that self-care should play a bigger role in her life. She is already assessing how exercise will begin to change her life and her business. She knows that by putting her health first it will make her feel better and in turn create more quality time for her business. Where does health fall on your scale of importance?

How to create change in your business for maximum business growth

Can you increase your productivity by making small changes in your business? Think about what you can do to increase your productivity. There are many small changes people can make in their everyday lives that can positively impact their business. Would tweaking your schedule work? Should you focus more on your health? Think about your life and business. Where is your energy going? Try making some small changes in your life and let the Biz Besties know how you are going to change. Check them out on Instagram and let them know what have been your small wins.

In this episode...

  • [2:52] What are you doing to keep you stuck?

  • [16:18] What is her new schedule like?

  • [21:25] Amber is going to join a gym

  • [25:55] What have been your small wins?

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Communicating and Working Together as a Couple with Jacqui Letran and Joseph Wolfgram #63

Have you ever considered working together as a couple with your partner? On today’s episode of My Biz Bestie Maelisa and Amber welcome their first ever couple/biz besties/business partners! Jacqui Letran and Joseph Wolfgram are exceptional in many ways not only are they a couple who works together on their business from home but they do so in an RV while roaming the country. You’ll learn what their secrets are for working together as a couple when you listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie.

How did they get the idea to work together and from their RV?

Jacqui Letran has owned her own business for 9 years but her partner Joseph Wolfgram was used to life in the corporate world so they decided to ease into working together. He started by bringing an element of support to her and the business. They chose the nomadic RV life after taking an extended vacation in an RV and realizing that they really wanted to continue traveling. They immediately recognized that living in an RV and working from home is a huge commitment and so they both take it seriously. Listen to Jacqui and Joseph describe how they are living out their dream living their lives fully.

TWEET THIS: Discover how business and life partners Jacqui Letran and Joseph Wolfgram keep at it and dig deep to continue working together as a couple on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

How do they divide their tasks?

Jacqui and Joseph don’t feel that they have a strict division of labor. Instead, they know their strengths and each other’s strengths and are able to work those strengths into a more natural division of labor. They really respect each other and are both committed to making their business a success. They understand that they are working together to achieve their goals and that no one has to take all the credit. Discover how they keep at it and dig deep to continue working together as a couple on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

How do they keep their personal and business relationship separate?

Joseph and Jacqui work quite differently from each other. She loves her work and can work 24/7. Joseph also loves his work but sets boundaries surrounding work time. She gets up and is immediately ready to get to work. He is grounded and appreciates slowly easing into things. His morning routine begins with meditation so it took some practice for Jacqui to keep a quiet time from 7-9 am. They recognize to strike a balance it requires constant communication. They are able to work and live in such a small space because they love and like each other and they can both communicate their need for space and boundaries.

What is their advice for others considering working together as a couple?

Working together as a couple can be a challenge. Communication is the key to solving problems that arise. Joseph explains that there are only 3 causes of upset in the world.

  1. Unmet expectations

  2. Thwarted intentions

  3. Miscommunication that leads to one of the other 2

If you do get upset about something pause for a moment and think about why you are upset. After thinking you can respond rather than reacting. When you seek to understand it will save you an argument. Consider your expectations. If you don’t fully understand your expectations then how can your partner know what was expected from you? Think about whether your expectations were realistic and consider your partner’s expectations. Did you communicate your expectations in a way that your partner understood? Jacqui and Joseph have so many golden nuggets of advice to share with other couples so be sure to listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear them all.

In this episode...

  • [3:12] How did they get the idea to work together and from their RV?

  • [6:55] How long have they been working together?

  • [13:45] How do they keep their personal and business relationship separate?

  • [25:06] Do they ever need a break from each other?

  • [28:08] He can’t multitask but she can

  • [33:15] What is their advice for couples considering working together?

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How to Improve Your Leadership and Communication Skills with Maureen Werrbach #62

Megastar entrepreneur Maureen Werrbach joins the My Biz Bestie podcast to discuss how to improve leadership and communication skills to help you grow your business. Maureen has her eggs in many baskets and has learned how to successfully juggle multiple businesses. She has her own counseling practice with 3 locations, a consulting business, and she is in a partnership with other mental health professionals. Maureen understands that the secret to success is building an amazing team to stand behind you. Listen to Maureen discuss how to become an effective leader and communicator so that you can build your team and grow your business.

What is Radical Candor?

Maureen first heard about the book, Radical Candor, in a Facebook group. She made a note of it and then read the book several months later. The book teaches you how to recognize and navigate your own emotions by breaking down your management style into 4 different quadrants. The quadrants are based on a scale of how much you care personally and how willing you are to challenge people directly, The 4 different quadrants are called Ruinous Empathy, Manipulative Insincerity, Obnoxious Aggression, and Radical Candor. Listen to this episode to discover how you can improve your leadership and communication skills.

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How can you measure your management approach?

The book Radical Candor provides readers with a framework to measure interactions with team members. You fall into a certain quadrant based on how much you care personally and how willing you are to challenge people directly. Many women fall into the Manipulative Insecurity quadrant due to caring about what others think of them. Manipulative Insincerity occurs when someone gives a false positive approach and is often fearful of hurting others’ feelings.

Often times a male-dominated workplace can be led by those within the Obnoxious Aggression quadrant. This quadrant can be characterized by belittling and complimenting at the same time as well as by a lack of consistent feedback. The ideal to strive for is Radical Candor which is when you care personally but also have the ability to challenge others directly. You can manage your expectations and communicate your needs. A radically candid person understands how to give direct feedback to help others improve.

How did Maureen personally adjust her leadership and communication skills after working through Radical Candor?

As Maureen read and worked through the book she realized that her leadership and communication skills fell into the category of Manipulative Insincerity. She had never thought there was anything wrong with her communication style but quickly realized that she cared greatly about how her team felt about her. This would often lead her to put off talking to her team about issues that would arise. She realized that if she didn’t challenge her team she wasn’t being an effective leader. She now understands that if she cares about a team member’s personal and professional growth that she needs to communicate problems effectively and in a timely manner.

Separate the problem from the person

Often people tend to put off difficult conversations until small issues turn into big problems. One way to communicate an issue to a team member is to completely separate the problem from the person. When discussing the issue a great way to bring it up is to stand together with the team member and help them to visualize the problem in another space. By standing together with them you help them to understand that they are not the problem. The action is in another space entirely and the action is what needs to change. Listen to Maureen discuss Radical Candor and leave some feedback on the My Biz Bestie website or on Instagram about how you will implement this in your business.

In this episode...

  • [3:52] How did she come across Radical Candor?

  • [10:00] How did she personally adjust her style of communication?

  • [28:22] The ideal team player is humble, hungry, and smart

  • [32:34] Teach your team how to take radically candid feedback

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