How to Improve Your Leadership and Communication Skills with Maureen Werrbach #62

Megastar entrepreneur Maureen Werrbach joins the My Biz Bestie podcast to discuss how to improve leadership and communication skills to help you grow your business. Maureen has her eggs in many baskets and has learned how to successfully juggle multiple businesses. She has her own counseling practice with 3 locations, a consulting business, and she is in a partnership with other mental health professionals. Maureen understands that the secret to success is building an amazing team to stand behind you. Listen to Maureen discuss how to become an effective leader and communicator so that you can build your team and grow your business.

What is Radical Candor?

Maureen first heard about the book, Radical Candor, in a Facebook group. She made a note of it and then read the book several months later. The book teaches you how to recognize and navigate your own emotions by breaking down your management style into 4 different quadrants. The quadrants are based on a scale of how much you care personally and how willing you are to challenge people directly, The 4 different quadrants are called Ruinous Empathy, Manipulative Insincerity, Obnoxious Aggression, and Radical Candor. Listen to this episode to discover how you can improve your leadership and communication skills.

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How can you measure your management approach?

The book Radical Candor provides readers with a framework to measure interactions with team members. You fall into a certain quadrant based on how much you care personally and how willing you are to challenge people directly. Many women fall into the Manipulative Insecurity quadrant due to caring about what others think of them. Manipulative Insincerity occurs when someone gives a false positive approach and is often fearful of hurting others’ feelings.

Often times a male-dominated workplace can be led by those within the Obnoxious Aggression quadrant. This quadrant can be characterized by belittling and complimenting at the same time as well as by a lack of consistent feedback. The ideal to strive for is Radical Candor which is when you care personally but also have the ability to challenge others directly. You can manage your expectations and communicate your needs. A radically candid person understands how to give direct feedback to help others improve.

How did Maureen personally adjust her leadership and communication skills after working through Radical Candor?

As Maureen read and worked through the book she realized that her leadership and communication skills fell into the category of Manipulative Insincerity. She had never thought there was anything wrong with her communication style but quickly realized that she cared greatly about how her team felt about her. This would often lead her to put off talking to her team about issues that would arise. She realized that if she didn’t challenge her team she wasn’t being an effective leader. She now understands that if she cares about a team member’s personal and professional growth that she needs to communicate problems effectively and in a timely manner.

Separate the problem from the person

Often people tend to put off difficult conversations until small issues turn into big problems. One way to communicate an issue to a team member is to completely separate the problem from the person. When discussing the issue a great way to bring it up is to stand together with the team member and help them to visualize the problem in another space. By standing together with them you help them to understand that they are not the problem. The action is in another space entirely and the action is what needs to change. Listen to Maureen discuss Radical Candor and leave some feedback on the My Biz Bestie website or on Instagram about how you will implement this in your business.

In this episode...

  • [3:52] How did she come across Radical Candor?

  • [10:00] How did she personally adjust her style of communication?

  • [28:22] The ideal team player is humble, hungry, and smart

  • [32:34] Teach your team how to take radically candid feedback

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Finding Your Unicorn: How to Hire the Right Person #48

Do you know how to hire the right person? We are all looking for a unicorn, that perfect person to help you with all of your needs. You know they must be out there, but how do you find the right person for the job and then keep them on? Hiring and retaining good people is a huge struggle for all business owners. If you struggle with finding the right help for your business, you’ll want to listen to episode 48 of My Biz Bestie as Maelisa and Amber share useful tips on how to hire the right person to meet all of your needs.

How to hire the right person (or find your unicorn)

Do you keep hiring people that don’t end up being a good fit? Are you sick of interviewing people that don’t have the skills you are looking for? Try to envision the perfect person. Think of their abilities, their personality, their skills. This is your unicorn. If you could find that perfect person, what would they be like? Define your unicorn. Before you even begin the hiring process write down all the characteristics that your unicorn should have. Once you have all of this written down then you can come up with the right job description.

Get creative

Get creative in the way you look for your unicorn. One of the benefits of having your own business is that you can get creative in the way that you look for a job candidate. You’re not a corporation, so use your company’s unique characteristics in your job description to let potential candidates get a feel for your company culture. You can come up with a catchy job title and create a detailed process in which people respond to the job application. This creativity does an amazing job of weeding out candidates that don’t fit your criteria. Remember, you’re not looking for someone to just cover the bare basics. You want to find someone who can do all the tasks you need and who understands your company culture. What creative ideas have you implemented in your search to hire the right person?

Clarity is key to finding your unicorn

If you are trying to find the perfect employee then you have to be absolutely clear about what you need. Be clear about your expectations, in your instructions during the application process, and come up with a well-defined interview process. Creating an entire system around the hiring process will narrow the broad field of applicants and help you discover your unicorn. What have you done to clarify your application process to help you find the right person for the job?

Interview strategies you can use

There are different interview strategies that you can use to help you hone in on the right person. Amber uses a multi-step hiring process to help her find the right people. After the initial job application, her assistant conducts a phone interview to ensure that the candidates have the qualifications that she is looking for. She then conducts a somewhat informal face to face interview which is followed by a more detailed interview where she can really assess the potential employee’s skills. What is your interview process like? Listen to this episode to hear tips on how to hire the right person for the job.

In this episode...

  • [2:12] How to find your unicorn

  • [4:38] Get creative in the way you look for your ideal candidate

  • [8:18] Money mindset can be a barrier to hiring

  • [11:08] Clarity in the job description is so important

  • [16:22] Structure in the interview process can make the candidate search a breeze

  • [20:43] How to create the right interview questions

  • [31:26] Go with your gut

  • [35:48] Define your unicorn

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Why Having a Team is Actually Important for Self-Care #39

There will always be items on your to-do list, no matter how much you work on your business. You could work all day, every day and still not get everything done. But work-life balance is so important to maintaining your health. One way to help you discover that elusive line that distinguishes the right balance of work and life is to hire a team. When most people think of building a team for their business they think of growing or scaling their business. But having a team is about much more than just building your business, it can provide self-care as well. On this episode of My Biz Bestie, Maelisa and Amber explain why having a team may be just what the doctor ordered.

Having a team is all about self-care

Ask anyone who has hired someone to help them in their business and they will tell you that they wish they had hired someone sooner. When you are trying to do it all you are the one who really suffers. Entrepreneurs tend to get so busy with work, building their business, and trying to keep up with the demands of their everyday life, that they forget to take care of themselves. Put money aside for a moment and think about if hiring someone to do certain tasks for you would improve your mental health. If you are feeling overworked then you will want to listen to this episode to hear how you can use a team to help practice self-care.

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What are other options you can consider besides hiring someone in your business?

There are other ways to care for yourself and your business rather than just hiring someone for your business. You might be better off hiring someone to clean your house or cook meals for your family. Think about what causes you the most stress. How could you relieve that stress? Sometimes its just easier to find someone to help you with your busy life. There are people out there that can help you with every aspect of your life: a meal delivery service, cleaning lady, meal planning service, or even a nanny. Think about how can you take care of yourself so that you don’t hit the wall and completely shut down.

You can’t afford to not help yourself

People often say that they can’t afford help, but the reality is that they can’t afford to not find a way to practice self-care. Once you look at the grand scheme of things self-care is worth every penny. Your health and well being are most important because once you break down, coming back is much more challenging. If you do reach the point of break down you might get physically ill and have to spend money on doctors and treatments as well as deal with the loss of business while you take time off to heal. What's the point of having a successful business if you’re too sick to enjoy it! Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear how important self-care is to you and your business.

What should your first hire be?

There are so many things that you can actually delegate to others. You could get a graphic designer, a web designer, a bookkeeper, a VA or even a copywriter. Finding the right help is pretty easy and it doesn’t require a payroll or a huge time commitment. You can use resources like Fiverr and Upwork to help you find someone to fill the tasks you need. So think about it, what tasks can you delegate? Do you need help at home more or in your business? Where would you get the most value? Listen to this episode to help you learn how to build your team so that you can invest in your most important resource: yourself!

In this episode...

  • [1:12] There will always be items on your to-do list

  • [3:52] How can you take care of yourself?

  • [8:02] Set boundaries to help you

  • [11:50] You can’t afford to not help yourself

  • [16:33] What should your first hire be?

  • [20:46] We all need time away from work

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The Four Tendencies Book Review #27

The Four Tendencies Book Review #27

This episode is a review of Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies. This book explains so much about what motivates people and it can really be a window into why some people do what they do. Listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie to hear about the four tendencies so that you can understand why some people do what they do.