How to Create a Community with Purpose with Pat Flynn #53

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income joins Maelisa and Amber today to discuss how to create a community with purpose. Pat wasn’t always a podcaster and an entrepreneur but stumbled into his position after losing his job as an architect. He learned how to sell online due to his sheer desperation but found success in his hard work, research, and failure. He created his podcast because he wanted to share his knowledge with others. He knows that his podcast helps to normalize what other entrepreneurs are going through. The community he has built is full of raving fans and through it, he has learned how to give and how to ask. Listen to Pat’s advice on how to create a community in your space on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

How to create a community of raving fans

Pat’s first goal of his work wasn’t to create an amazing community, it just sort of happened. His motto is to “serve first.” And with that motto creating a community just sort of falls into place. His advice to create a community is to find the commonalities of the audience and to create inclusion. When you purposefully include your audience in decisions then they become invested. He doesn’t hand over total control to his audience but engages with them. Much like people do on a team, he simply passes the ball to a teammate when asking for questions or ideas. Then his audience becomes more likely to interact and engage. Eventually, he created the Ask Pat podcast to be able to answer more and more of his listeners' questions.

Why is creating a community so important for your business?

Your community can support you in many different ways. They are your hope and support and can even become your raving fans. They can help you fight the internet trolls and help you to focus on growing your business in an authentic way. It is important to give as much as you can to your community, but it is just as important to ask as well. Sometimes you will get back things in return without even asking. But as long as you are giving you will receive. It is important to learn that you can serve and sell at the same time. Give, give, give, but when you have something worth selling then sell it.

Do you know your purpose?

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your business has a direction and purpose. You can give and give, but if your community doesn’t know how to give back they won’t be able to reciprocate. Think about how your goals and mission fit into the life that you really want and from there you can create ways for your community to help give back to you. This is an important way to create a community without overgiving. You can sell and serve at the same time but you have to be able to make money at what you do. The more capital you have the more you can serve your community and purpose.

How did Pat’s mission evolve over time?

His first mission was simply survival. When he first began his business, he was just looking for a way to make ends meet. His survival instinct was helpful, though and it led him to be bolder than he ever thought he could be. His next goal was to become financially secure which then led him to set a goal to be able to pay his kids’ college tuition before they turned 3. Now his goal is philanthropy. At every turn, he kept leveling up his goals. Every new goal that he has met has unlocked new goals that he had never thought of before. And as his goals changed his inspiration has changed as well.

In this episode...

  • [2:12] How did Pat get into podcasting?

  • [11:50] How has Pat created such an amazing community?

  • [21:05] Challenges create a fun way for a community to interact

  • [28:05] Serve first and see what you get in return

  • [34:40] How did Pat’s mission evolve over time?

  • [39:02] How do you build a community with all the noise that is out there?

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Networking Ideas to Make You and Your Business Stand Out #49

Are you looking for networking ideas to up your networking game? Is one of your new year’s resolutions to network more? Then you’ve come to the right place. On this episode of My Biz Bestie, the social mavens are here to teach you how to reach out. Networking is imperative to growing your business but there are unwritten rules that you need to follow for it to be effective. Thankfully your favorite biz besties have navigated these waters for a while and can teach you the ins and outs of networking on social media or in real life and they can show you how to kick up those business relationships and form real connections. So listen in to episode 49 of My Biz Bestie to hear their latest networking ideas and tips to ensure that you and your business stand out from the crowd.

Don't be annoying on social media

There are many faux pas that you can make on social media. One of the most irritating ones is to friend someone solely to get them to like your business page. Not only does this not help your business page, but it is also annoying as well! Another huge turnoff that some people do is to direct message someone with the sole intention to sell them something. Have you ever had someone add you to their email list without asking you? Not only is this super spammy, but it's also illegal! Social media is a fantastic resource for networking, but you must use it wisely. What are your social media pet peeves?

TWEET THIS: Listen to this episode of #MyBizBestie to hear tips for #networking or check out Maelisa and Amber's Networking Master Class to learn how to be a networking master.

Share but don’t solicit

There is a fine line between sharing information and trying to solicit a sale. Sharing is caring, but soliciting without a relationship is just plain yucky. Before you begin soliciting clients you must first build a relationship. People don’t want to be hit up for a direct sale from everyone they meet. If you are trying to hook someone into buying something the relationship feels inauthentic. Connect with people from a place of interest in them, not solely to get people to jump into your funnel. Making connections and building relationships are what networking is all about.

Give when you are reaching out

When you reach out to someone don’t just ask what they can do for you. Build the relationship first. You have to give something before you can ask for something in return. Love him or hate him, Gary V has a great rule of thumb about asking --- give, give, give, then ask. A great way to reach out to a new contact is to highlight how you can share value. No one wants to connect with you just to talk about you, so offer up a value bomb first. If you do have a need, ask the people you already have a relationship with rather than someone you don't know. Are you trying to figure out how to reach out to someone? Listen to this episode to hear tips for networking or check out Maelisa and Amber's Networking Master Class to learn how to be a networking master.

Creative networking ideas

Reaching out doesn’t have to be so serious. You can actually have fun in the way that you connect with a new contact. If you connect with someone in a Facebook group thread and you feel that you have made a connection you can always ask if you can DM them. A virtual coffee date is a fun way to connect personally with someone online. Online networking is one thing, but how do you reach out to someone that you have met at a live event? One fun way to make an impression is to send them a short video message. This is a creative way to make a connection and really stand out from the crowd. Do you have a fun way that you have connected with people?

In this episode...

  • [2:42] A big Facebook don’t

  • [6:25] Don’t private message people to try to sell something

  • [10:29] A big LinkedIn don’t

  • [13:48] How to go about the ask

  • [16:58] Step outside your comfort zone

  • [23:05] How to follow up with someone after you meet them at a live event

  • [28:09] A recap of how to network

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Taking Productivity to a Whole New Level at The GSD Work Retreat #37

The My Biz Bestie GSD work retreat was a fantastic getaway enjoyed by 4 hard-working women. These ladies brought the right mindset and achieved greatness over the 4-day retreat. This retreat was the first time Maelisa and Amber hosted a retreat themselves and they spend this episode reflecting on who worked, what worked, and why it worked. Listen to this episode to hear what the participants thought and to discover if a work retreat is exactly what you need to get stuff done.

Accountability and structure were the keys to GSD

Amber was totally floored at how much the women were able to get done in 4 short days. Hosting this work retreat helped her see the value of having someone taking charge and pushing and challenging the participants to narrow their focus not just for the week but for the day and even for the hour. Amber and Maelisa both saw the value in the structure that they provided on the retreat. They understand how holding the participants accountable really contributed to them getting done so much work. Amber enjoyed helping the women find their focus and help them develop a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish during the stay. Are you curious about what you could get done during a GSD work retreat? Listen to this episode to hear how Amber and Maelisa helped the group find their focus and hold each member accountable so that they achieved maximum output.

TWEET THIS: Are you ready to tackle your to-do list? Join Amber and Maelisa for a live 3 hour Pomodoro session on Thursday, October 25 from 10-1 PST. Register at

What is a Pomodoro session?

One of the ways that Amber and Maelisa were able to provide structure to the work sessions was by using the Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro is a style of working in which you are focused for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. You can adjust the timeframe to increase the amount of time. The technique is based on research that our brains need consistent breaks to really work their best. A full day using Pomodoro is 6 hours with an hour break. Using the Pomodoro method not only increases productivity but manages your energy output. When using Pomodoro sessions, at the end of the day you don’t feel so drained and exhausted. It helps to trick your brain to tackle a task that you avoid doing. Listen to this episode to hear how Amber and Maelisa used the Pomodoro method to help the participants at the GSD retreat stay focused and get it all done.

What did the GSD participants think of their weekend of productivity?

The 4 GSD entrepreneurs chime in on how the weekend affected them and their business. Dr. Caryn Banque was finally able to write the copy and get her website live after paying for it for 2 years! Molly Ann, a home designer, appreciated being able to review her work with a unique perspective. Jasmin Jourdenais was able to plan the big picture, she loved the visual techniques used to help stay focused. Theresa Tschannen was able to declutter all the things that were creating background noise and preventing her from working on her business. Listen to these ladies describe in person how productive their GSD work retreat was for them on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

Are you ready to master your to-do list?

Are you curious about how the Pomodoro technique might increase your productivity? Amber and Maelisa invite you to a live 3 hour Pomodoro session. You can sit wherever you are and take 3 hours of your time to tackle your to-do list. Amber and Maelisa will be there to help you with the structure and accountability that will push you to get it all done. Join them on Thursday, October 25 from 10-1 PST. They will help you brainstorm before the session to discuss what it is you would like to accomplish, they’ll hold you accountable, and help you celebrate as you master your to-do list. Join them by registering at

In this episode...

  • [1:42] Amber’s takeaway’s from the retreat

  • [7:04] What is a Pomodoro session?

  • [13:54] What did Caryn think of the retreat?

  • [19:03] What did Molly Ann take away from the GSD retreat?

  • [22:15] Jasmine Jorurdenais had never dedicated so much time on her business

  • [31:22] Therese Grieco knew she needed a GSD weekend to focus on her business

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How to Maximize Your Conference Networking Experience with Chris Browning #35

Biz bro, Chris Browning, joins Maelisa and Amber in this live interview from the Podcast Movement conference. Chris hosts Popcorn Finance, a podcast which gives financial tidbits in about the time that it takes to make a bowl of popcorn. During this super special interview with everyone’s favorite financial guru, the biz besties pick Chris’s brain to learn how he maximizes his time at conferences. Although Chris hasn’t been to that many conferences he has learned how to get the most bang for his buck. Listen to this episode to hear how to up your conference networking game.

How does an introvert push through to maximize his conference experience?

Chris is a self-proclaimed introvert and an INFP. Even though he can sometimes get stuck in his own head, he knows how important it is to network at conferences. Chris first met Maelisa at the airport on the way to FinCon. He spent about 10 minutes internally debating with himself about whether or not he should go talk to her. Thankfully the networking side of him won the debate and he ended up becoming a biz bro. Chris thinks that networking at conferences gets easier as time goes on since people open up more. Listen to this episode to hear how hearing yes makes conference networking easier.

TWEET THIS: Listen to this interview with Chris Browning @PopcornFinance to hear how to up your conference #networking game.

How to maximize your time at conferences

When Chris went to FinCon he expected to attend 6 sessions, but he ended up meeting so many people after he got over his initial hesitation. He ended up doing 13 interviews for his podcast at FinCon over the 3-day conference. Chris realized that conferences are a great way to expand his network since he gets to meet so many people face to face. Chris loves the fact that he can meet people in real life and read their body language which is impossible online. Listen to Chris’s tips on how to maximize your time at a conference on this live interview from Podcast Movement.

How did FinCon change the trajectory of his show?

Chris’s experience at FinCon actually changed the trajectory of his podcast. Before that conference, he had only done 2 interviews on his show. The process of interviewing people was completely new to him. But after doing 13 interviews in a row he became more comfortable with the format. It was like a crash course in conducting podcast interviews. He felt that interviewing people in person helped give him a better feel for how to hold a dialogue with someone on his show successfully. You can’t read people well over the internet, so interviewing people in person gave him an advantage of being able to read their body language as he asked questions. Listen to this episode to hear how Chris learned how to interview people on is feet at FinCon.

Did his previous conference experience shape his expectations?

At FinCon Chris Browning knew that he wanted to attend several sessions. But instead, he learned to network and talk to people. He came into the conference knowing that he would get so much value from networking and talking to people. Chris wanted to make connections and realized that he may get more value from networking at conferences rather than attending as many sessions as possible. The sessions are great, but the connections made by conference networking is even greater. Listen to Chris’s conference experience to hear how this introvert made the most of conference networking.

In this episode...

  • [3:12] How long has Chris had his show?

  • [5:17] How does Chris maximize his time at conferences?

  • [7:55] How did Chris end up with so many interviews?

  • [12:57] How did FinCon change the trajectory of his show?

  • [15:12] Did his previous conference experience shape his expectations?

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