How Inner Growth Can Lead to Prosperity Inside and Out with Natalie MacNeil #57

Maelisa and Amber welcome self-care guru, Natalie MacNeil to discuss personal reflection, imbalance, and inner growth. Natalie has written 3 best selling books and is the visionary behind one of Forbes Top 100 websites for women. She has a new book called The Rituals coming out in the fall of 2019. You will want to download this one so that you can pause and reflect and then go back and listen again. Watch out because Natalie throws the inspirational knowledge bombs in every direction on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

Personal reflection brings both inner growth and outer growth

Natalie’s business decisions come after a lot of personal reflection. She is always seeking personal improvement on every level. Her deep work has caused her to break through years of conditioning. She insists that business owners do the deep inner work so that they can grow inside and out. Think about what is triggering you right now. What causes you to feel a lack in your life? What causes you to compare yourself to others? Once you resolve these things, doors begin to open and your business can prosper. Doing the inner work allows you to focus more on the outer work in your life.

Strategic imbalance can bring you more joy

Balance means something different for everyone. Marcus Buckingham created the concept of strategic imbalance which allows people to imbalance their lives to bring them more joy. Whatever brings you joy matters. What is the one essential thing you need to focus on in your life right now? Many people get distracted by all the shiny objects. But if you spread yourself too thin no one thing will reach its fullest potential. Think about how you can focus your attention and resources before expanding to other projects and businesses. What should you focus on temporarily? Think about the next 12 weeks. Maintain your focus on one thing that will lead to your next goal. Let Maelisa and Amber know how you will strategically imbalance your life.

Give yourself permission to step away and take a break

When you are experiencing suffering step away for a moment. You can’t do your best work and bring your highest service if you are in a place of suffering. If you keep on barreling through then you will continue to feel stuck. Remember that this feeling is just passing through so let it pass through you and then come back to the present moment. Allow yourself to get back into the creative flow by changing your state. One way to step away is to move your body. When you move your body more your creativity and answers will flow through you. How do you take a break when you are feeling stuck?

What you are seeing is what you are being

It is important to take care of yourself first in the here and now. Find ways to enjoy the process and your journey because there will always be something else ahead. Since everyone is in a constant state of evolution you never know what the future may bring. Find a way to appreciate the uncertainty that is life and that's how you will learn to experience the joy. We need the contrast of the ups and downs to truly appreciate life. The bad enhances the good. What you see outside is a reflection of what is going on inside. What you are seeing is what you are being. How do you see the world right now?

In this episode…

  • [3:12] Her business decisions come after lots of personal reflection

  • [8:13] Strategic imbalance can bring you more joy

  • [18:35] How will do you think your goal will make you feel?

  • [27:56] If you are suffering step away

  • [42:44] Take an inventory of your life right now

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How to Set Networking Goals with Nikki Rausch #56

Nikki Rausch is ready to teach you how to set networking goals by using her Stride 5 list on this episode of My Biz Bestie. Nikki is Your Sales Maven, a sales coach, author, and speaker. She teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to sell without being salesy. Nikki prefers to build strong relationships in an authentic way before ever engaging in a sale. Learn how to build authentic relationships first by setting networking goals on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

Why is it important to build relationships first?

You may be thinking that building relationships prior to a sale is a waste of time, but it's not. Making sales starts with relationships, so understanding how to build authentic relationships is important to the sales process. Consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising these days. They are much more savvy and skeptical and don’t want to buy from every person trying to sell them something. The selling process gets easier when you build a relationship first. Most entrepreneurs are not just selling a product they create a story behind it. When you can tell your story well it engages with your audience. And once your audience connects with you they are more likely to buy from you.

What is the Stride 5 method?

The Strive 5 is method is a way to set an intention around the people you want to connect with. The next time you attend a live event make a list of 5 people who you really want to connect with and have an interaction with. The whole idea behind the Strive 5 is to dream big, In your wildest dreams who would you like to meet? Even the smallest interaction can lead to something bigger down the road. Nikki’s Strive 5 doesn’t always include people she wants to sell to. Often it includes people she simply wants to be around and learn from.

How to use the Stride 5 list to set networking goals

Networking at live events can be tricky. You only have so much time at a conference so creating a Stride 5 list and setting networking goals can help you from feeling overwhelmed. There are a million ways to get sidetracked from your true intentions if you don’t have concrete networking goals. The Stride 5 list is a way to focus your intentions on those you really want to meet. You’ll meet plenty of other people as well. But you can put yourself in situations or take opportunities to connect with the people on your Stride 5 list. Listen to this episode to hear Nikki Rausch explain how she uses her Stride 5 list to set networking goals.

What should people who are just starting out focus on?

When you are just starting out you may have different intentions than someone who has been doing this awhile. It is important to update your list frequently. You can even have multiple lists. When thinking about creating your list focus on the connections you intend to make. Why do you want to meet that person? What can you learn from them? What can you offer them? Remember that building a community is an important way to build your business. The stride 5 list is a great way to help you up your networking goals and build your community.

In this episode...

  • [6:12] What is her Strive 5 method?

  • [10:22] Having a premade list helps you push past your comfort zone

  • [16:44] Does she share her Strive 5 list with others?

  • [19:34] Even a small connection can lead to a bigger one later

  • [21:51] What should people who are just starting out focus on?

  • [25:22] What has come from her Stride 5 list?

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Friendship Through Frugal Living with Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni #55

Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni are frugal living experts and cohosts of the Frugal Friends Podcast. Being frugal is what brought them together in friendship and what inspired them to start a podcast together. They share frugal living advice as well as advice on how to expand your circle by stepping outside your comfort zone on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

How did frugal living bring Jen and Jill together?

Jill is a social worker and therapist that has always used frugality and lived in nontraditional ways since being a social worker isn’t the highest paid gig out there. Jen is a personal finance writer who documented her journey in paying off $78,000 in 2 years. She met Jill through a random chance meeting while on a road trip and living in her RV. The two couples hit it off by discussing frugal living. After bonding in a KOA hot tub they knew that their friendship could stand the test of time.

How did they start the Frugal Friends Podcast?

Jen began working a 40 hour a week job writing for the Penny Hoarder which meant that she was limited in what she could write on her blog and for other sites. Her husband is an audio engineer and posed the idea of her starting a podcast. She was totally against it. Writing is her thing, not podcasting. But the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. There were no other podcasts about frugal living. She knew that Jill would bring a different point of view on frugal living and bring balance to the show. And so the Frugal Friends Podcast was born.

How did their friendship transform through the podcast?

Jen attributes the podcast to keep them in touch. They produce the Frugal Friends Podcast weekly and have a chance to chat both before and after they record. They have grace with each other and since their schedules fluctuate, so does their recording schedule. They love that recording the show is like hanging out with a friend with everyone listening in. They never really communicated how they would divvy up the work. They divided their roles naturally since they know each other’s strengths. Jill is a great interviewer and connector, and Jen is a natural researcher.

What words of advice do they have on finding business friendships?

Jen’s advice is to make yourself uncomfortable. Put yourself out there even if you aren’t comfortable doing so. When you step outside of your comfort zone you open yourself up to new opportunities. To find people to connect with think about your interests. What are you good at and what do you like to talk about? Find someone you admire that is good at things you want to be good at. These are great ways to make connections.

In this episode...

  • [5:42] How did they meet?

  • [10:22] How did they start the Frugal Friends podcast?

  • [13:30] How did their friendship transform through the podcast?

  • [15:54] How do they communicate?

  • [19:56] Do they have other biz besties?

  • [28:22] What words of advice do they have?

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How These Biz Besties Began a Software Startup with Jennifer Barcelos and Sandy Connery #54

Sandy Connery and Jeni Barcelos met through a course that taught how to begin a software startup. Sandy had a successful brick and mortar business selling custom orthotics in Canada. She knew she was burned out and needed a change when she stopped caring about her work. She liked the idea of creating an online business so that she could stay at home and not have an inventory. Jennifer was a human rights lawyer who traveled to the scarier parts of the globe. They were brought together by a software startup course and have been meeting the male-dominated world of software head on ever since. Listen to their biz bestie story on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

What is their biz bestie relationship like?

These biz besties didn’t start out working together, that happened over time. But when Jeni needed a co-founder to receive a B2B accelerator she knew just the woman for the job. They both attribute their success in working together as due to their honest communication with each other. They both have mutual respect for one another and keep it real. Their business partnership allows them to take turns falling apart or taking breaks at the helm. They both have a real sense of accountability since they both care so much for each other and the company.

How do they communicate?

Jeni and Sandy don’t have the type of relationship that relies on schedules and boundaries. Their conversations slide back and forth between work and their personal lives. Every day is off the cuff and their side conversations happen in real life and online. They feel like their communication is structured much like being in an office where you stop by someone’s office to have a chat to take a break from the busyness of work life. They use Zoom and Slack daily as their main communication tools. The one conversation they do plan is a monthly meeting where they run the numbers of their business. How do you communicate with your biz bestie?

What is Namastream?

Namastream is Jeni and Sandy’s software company. It is an online learning platform that allows people in the wellness industry to teach online. It was developed for yoga teachers but they have expanded to include the wellness industry as a whole. Namastream allows wellness companies to create a membership site, teach courses, and do live streams. Namastream is an easy-to-use online tool designed for people who are not techy.

Do they have any advice for women who may want to run a software startup?

Jeni’s advice for women who want to get their feet wet with a software startup is: do it! She feels that the world is now being created and defined by software. Since there are not many women in the software industry there is a strong, supportive community of female entrepreneurs. There is a lot of generosity from other female members. They are willing to share advice to those just starting out. Right now is an amazing time to be a woman in tech. Sandy’s advice is to ensure that you have a trusted CTO by your side if you are not writing code for yourself. You should also make sure that there is a need in the market you want to serve. Aim high and expect to be paid your worth.

In this episode...

  • [3:12] How did they meet?

  • [8:45] Did they plan on staying in touch after the conference?

  • [12:14] What challenges did they face working together?

  • [16:39] How do they communicate?

  • [22:35] What is Namastream?

  • [29:04] Do they have any advice for women who may want to start a software company?

  • [34:02] Do they meet up IRL?

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